There are 13 Hot DesQ Hosts across Queensland spanning 1700 kilometres (over 1100 miles) – from tropical rainforests and the Great Barrier Reef, through to sensational surf.

The Hosts also offer unique sectoral opportunities, such as tourism, ag-tech, mining, med-tech, social enterprise and robotics.  

Hosts will help you settle in when you arrive, connect you to local networks, and provide you with free co-working space and access to mentors, business advice, and other support services for six months. 

Hosts will also be able to help you accrue and validate your Network Points.

When you apply you can nominate two preferred Hot DesQ Hosts – if you are a successful Hot DesQ applicant you will be placed in one of these for the duration of the program.

See which Hot DesQ Host will suit you best by viewing the profiles below.