What are Hot DesQ Network Points?

Network Points are how we will measure your contribution to the Queensland startup ecosystem. There are loads of activities that you can get involved in to earn your points – such as social media engagement, mentoring at hackathons, sharing knowledge with other startups, organising meetups, or giving a talk at a Queensland university.

Different activities are worth different points. The point’s value of activities reflects the effort and community value. So giving a lecture to students at University is worth more than blogging online.

You will need to earn 1000 points over the duration of the 6 months, with a minimum of 150 points per month. You get to choose what you do, as long as you earn the minimum number of points for the program. It is also a requirement of the program that you mentor at least two startups throughout your participation in the program.

Your Host will validate the activities for reporting.

You’ll be given the list of activities and the point’s values in your welcome pack when you arrive.

About the program